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Alcatel-Lucent Enterpise обновила OpenTouch Suite

Alcatel-Lucent Enterpise обновила OpenTouch Suite

В  обновленном решении для организации интегрированных офисных коммуникаций OpenTouch Suite появились новые возможности, расширяющие его применение даже в самых современных мобильных устройствах

July 18, 2012

  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Extends OpenTouch™ Suite

OpenTouch Suites offer comprehensive solutions enabling organizations of any size to smoothly evolve from voice communications to multimedia conversations, at their own pace

Businesses of all sizes are faced with communications issues and challenges including support of personal devices, remote workers, and video demands. Among the biggest challenges is how to contain costs while supporting these business critical trends.

Today, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is evolving its award winning Communications Solutions to help businesses meet these challenges and advance their communications capabilities while protecting previous investments. Expanding and extending the OpenTouch Suite capabilities and applications to existing solutions helps employees work more efficiently and serve customers better via native conferencing capabilities, support of mixed media, and enables users to move freely between any devices all within the same conversation.

OpenTouch provides more flexible communications letting employees and customers use multiple devices and telecommute; deliver rich conversation experiences while protecting investments; and puts the use of high definition video within reach of all employees to help better collaborate across locations.

With this expansion, Corporate Communication Solutions becomes OpenTouch Suite for Mid-Sized and Large Enterprises (MLE) and Office Communication Solutions becomes OpenTouch Suite for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), while individual products such as OmniPCX Enterprise and OmniPCX Office keep their own branding.

 What you get with the OpenTouch Suite?

In each market segment the OpenTouch Suite is comprised of:

  • A range of communications platforms designed to address different needs and different markets from pure IP telephony to rich, SIP-based, multimedia communications switching, in distributed or centralized modes, CPE or hosted.
  • The most complete portfolio of communication applications to address business telephony, unified communications, collaboration, mobility, video conferencing, video sharing, customer interactions and unified management needs.
  • A complete set of client applications and devices to help employees have a conversation experience in the most suitable way via softphones, deskphones (TDM, IP or SIP), smart deskphones that are application capable, campus roaming solutions, video dedicated devices, interactive whiteboards, and a collection of apps dedicated to smart phones, tablets and PCs.

 What’s New?

OpenTouch Suite for MLE

Mid-sized and large enterprise user experiences and productivity are transformed with new releases of OpenTouch Multimedia Services 1.1, OpenTouch Business Edition 1.1 and OmniPCX Enterprise 10.1 offering:

  • Enhanced mobility features that intuitively improve the conversation experience: OpenTouch Conversation for iPad;  MyIC Mobile for Android smart phones; New release of MyIC Phone
  • Improved video and multi-media collaboration solutions through:Enhanced conferencing experience with wideband audio, whiteboarding and annotation; Video integration of LifeSize® endpoints with OpenTouch;  New OpenTouch Video Store, an award-winning enterprise video portal from Bell Labs 
  • Increased IT agility with:  Unified Communications as a service model enabling cloud services; OmniPCX Enterprise and OmniVista 8770 virtualized on VMWare hypervisors to foster IP communication delivery in data centers; New OpenTouch Session Border Controller enabling SIP trunking and secure remote worker communications

  OpenTouch Suite for SMB

Extending OpenTouch capabilities to the OmniPCX Office Rich Communications Edition (RCE) Release 8.2 enriches the SMB experience through:

  • Enhanced mobility features that intuitively improve the conversation experience:  MyIC Mobile for Android devices; Feature enhancements for My IC Mobile for Apple iPhone, MyIC Phone and MyIC Web for Office, supported natively on OmniPCX Office RCE;
  • Improved video and multi-media collaboration solutions through: Cloud based services for SMBs, including video via LifeSize Cloud Connections™ and new hosted OpenTouch Video Store
  • Increased IT agility:  SIP trunking evolutions and embedded security for mobile users

 About OpenTouch 

First introduced in 2011, OpenTouch is a next-generation communications platform that offers a rich, multimedia, multi-device, multi-party, real-time communications experience to all sized businesses and offers telephony users a comprehensive and evolutionary path towards new capabilities and deployment models.

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